Bethany Putternil (Australia) and Drew Searle (Zimbabwe) – Successful summit on 19 February 2019 Superior package – 8 Day Lemosho route

Climbing Kilimanjaro, we cannot thank you enough for the most incredible journey and experience. 🏔🥾
We climbed the 8 day Lemosho route with chief guide Rayson and his team in February, and finished the journey richer with experiences and friendships made along the way.
The entire team was so welcoming and happy and eager to help in any way they could to make the trip the most memorable.
We have the utmost respect for the porters and the hard work they do; it definitely didn’t go unnoticed! And to have the enthusiasm to sing and encourage us when we reached the camp at the end of the day, was so uplifting.

Rayson and Omani were incredible guides and became good friends who made us laugh and encouraged us and taught us along the way. Raysons experience and knowledge was so evident; we always felt safe and informed of what to expect. He was able to push us where needed, and made us rest when he felt we needed it- even when we didn’t think so.. and he was right every time!
Ima was animated and eager to chat and laugh with us. We looked forward to meal times to see what delicious things he had made and to hear what he’d have to say next.
We summitted successfully thanks to the hard work and commitment and passion from our team. Summit night was the most challenging thing I think we’ve ever done, but an amazing adventure that we will never forget.
Thank you for helping us achieve a dream.