Kilimanjaro Route Maps

Mount Kilimanjaro route maps

The two maps below, illustrates the seven popular routes, which may be followed to the summit of Africa’s highest mountain, Kilimanjaro. To learn more about the most important differences between these seven Mount Kilimanjaro hiking routes or to read a detailed description of each route for Kilimanjaro mountain climbs, please follow this link.

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes – A side view map

A side view (click map to enlarge)

Mount Kilimanjaro climbing routes – An aerial view map

An aerial view (click map to enlarge)

An aerial view of the Kilimanjaro routes.

Please note

The above Mount Kilimanjaro maps are for illustrative purposes only. It is strongly recommended that a more detailed map is utilised to navigate your route to the summit of the challenging Kilimanjaro mountain. Some excellent detailed route maps can be purchased at the Kilimanjaro National Park Gate.