Maria-Marta Andrade (Argentina) – Successful summit on 20 March 2019 8 Day Lemosho route – Superior package

I Climbed Kilimanjaro (8 Day Lemosho Route ) with Climbing Kilimanjaro and thanks to them my dream came true, I reached the summit on March 20, 2019. I am 61 years old, I was traveling alone, so I decided to join 2 other climbers (19 and 34 years old) who were planning to reach the summit the same day I had in mind…with the full moon!!!! 

The experience was fantastic, everyone in our group successfully summited Uhuru Peak; but while reaching the summit with the rising sun was truly amazing, I must say that getting there was unforgettable as well. Every detail was planned and executed perfectly, everyone worked hard to make this a trip memorable.

I chose the 8 Day Lemosho Route because I wanted the extra time to acclimatize, this route goes through diverse landscapes, from jungle to rocky arid areas, mountains with streams with a variety of vegetation. I was happy with this choice; at times it was very challenging but beautiful. 

Before starting the trek, I was a bit worried about whether my fitness level was enough to take me to the top. I did only two months of intense training, but with the help of Diamox and the unending support from the guides and porters of Climbing Kilimanjaro, I reached the Uhuru Peak without feeling any altitude symptoms.  

Right from the beginning I was very impressed by the detailed information shared on the “Climbing Kilimanjaro” website, related to every single aspect of this great adventure, this was extremely helpful for me.

From my initial enquiry to the actual climb I received prompt and professional service, everyone was so obliging to help in every way possible and so friendly, it really gives you a wonderful impression of Africa and the kindness the people possess. 

Much appreciation for all the communication that Nikki provided to me, he was incredibly helpful and responsive to my questions in the weeks leading up to the climb.

In Moshi, the day prior to the climb, I met the other climbers in a briefing organized by Manasseh. He not only explained to us everything about the climb, but he also took the time to check if I had all the right gear, and made sure that all the items that I rented were available. 

My heart goes out to the porters, never a moan or grumble, they packed away our tents carried them up the mountain and had them ready for us when we arrived, they did a fabulous job.

I should be especially thankful to the cook; the menu was very carefully selected and all of us were very satisfied with the food. We stopped for lunch each day and they set up a tent with a table, chairs, etc. Also, someone in my group turned 20 years old on the hike, and we all were surprised that they prepared a very nice cake and sang happy birthday. 

Finally, I would like to thank Safiel, our main guide, from the bottom of my heart! A fantastic leader of the whole team, knowledgeable, professional, friendly, thoughtful, patient, he got us through these hikes every day with encouragement and a very positive attitude: “One team, one dream!!!” He would make sure every person in the group was OK and could hike at the right pace: “Pole-Pole”. Safiel gave us briefings every night about what to expect the next day, checked our oxygen level and pulse twice a day in order to keep track of our health status, and coach us as we hiked to the summit. Safiel also took pictures and posted them on Facebook, while Mathew shared the GPS tracker to allow our friends and family to follow us day by day. Mathew also was an excellent guide, he did an amazing job, thank you, thank you, thank you! He really helped me to succeed!!! I highly recommend Climbing Kilimanjaro as they made the experience amazing and exceeded my expectations!!!

Maria-Marta ANDRADE


Bethany Putternil (Australia) and Drew Searle (Zimbabwe) – Successful summit on 19 February 2019 Superior package – 8 Day Lemosho route

Climbing Kilimanjaro, we cannot thank you enough for the most incredible journey and experience. 🏔🥾
We climbed the 8 day Lemosho route with chief guide Rayson and his team in February, and finished the journey richer with experiences and friendships made along the way.
The entire team was so welcoming and happy and eager to help in any way they could to make the trip the most memorable.
We have the utmost respect for the porters and the hard work they do; it definitely didn’t go unnoticed! And to have the enthusiasm to sing and encourage us when we reached the camp at the end of the day, was so uplifting.

Rayson and Omani were incredible guides and became good friends who made us laugh and encouraged us and taught us along the way. Raysons experience and knowledge was so evident; we always felt safe and informed of what to expect. He was able to push us where needed, and made us rest when he felt we needed it- even when we didn’t think so.. and he was right every time!
Ima was animated and eager to chat and laugh with us. We looked forward to meal times to see what delicious things he had made and to hear what he’d have to say next.
We summitted successfully thanks to the hard work and commitment and passion from our team. Summit night was the most challenging thing I think we’ve ever done, but an amazing adventure that we will never forget.
Thank you for helping us achieve a dream.

Wen Jiang (China) – Successful summit on the 6 February 2019 Superior package – 7 Day Machame route


Hi, Nikki

Last year my friend went to Kenya and sent me a picture of mountain Kilimanjaro, and told me that due to the globe climate, the glacer and snow on the top are fading, maybe one day there won’t have any more snow. So i dicided to climb the mountain. Since I never hiking nor sleeping in a tent, before i travelled I secretly prepared without telling anybody , so after I summit the top and told the news to my friends , they were all shocked but also were inspired that to do what you want to do even it is crazy.
From the bottem of my heart i know that things maybe differentes if I chose another really surprised me with your efficiente and attached to the details. And of course without Nelson and his team, I couldn’t do it, Nelson is a very respectable man other than an experenced guide, he cared about everybody of the whole team, he touched me deeply when he helped a girl porter to carry her big bag in barranco wall and he rarelly knew her. Also his porters are very well disciplined, they always remained quiet while the porters of the others teams spokeny to each other loudly even very late in the evening, this gave us several precios hours to get rest before summit. So please if you can, give Mr. Nelson and his team more work opportunitis, you can see now he can bring someone like me with zero experience of hiking to the top, this proved a lot.

As for the safaris, also beyond expectation, if you may passe our thanks to our guide Matthew, he is very dedicated to his work and is more punctual than ourselves. With him we saw a lot more wild animals that we expected, also the accommodation were excellent.
Well thank you for take your time to read my long feedback, you and your company care a lot about your clients and please keep it that way.
All the best wishes for you.


Natalie Makhoulian (Canada) – Successful summit on 1 February 2019 7 Day Machame route – Deluxe package

What a wonderful company. Everything was so smooth from the planning to the execution. Nikki was great at answering all
Of our emails in a timely manner. When we arrived everything was ready and organized. We had such an amazing team with us for the Machame 7 day hike. We got amazing care and service at every step of the way. Highly recommend this company, you won’t be disappointed !!!:-)

Juliette Clarkin (Irish) – Successful summit 22 January 2019 Deluxe package – 7 day Machame route

Dear team,

Thank you so much for helping us make the last week one of the most memorable ever.

My brother Nicky and I had the most incredible adventure and loved every moment of our time in Tanzania.

And that was all thanks to you and your team. From the moment we decided to embark on this adventure to

our descent from Kilimanjaro yesterday – we have been minded and perfectly informed. Every aspect of our trip

brilliantly orchestrated and managed.

We would like to especially thank Nelson and his entire crew for their dedication and attention to ensuring our

welcome, safety, security and satisfaction for the whole week of our hike up Kilimanjaro. They are a formidable team

and we could not have achieved our goal nor had such a memorable experience if it had not been for all of them.

I personally would like to also thank Ellie the assistant guide who was leading me from gate to gate and was a remarkable guide.

To reiterate Nelson and his team made this adventure.

And I would highly recommend Climbing Kilimanjaro and Nelson’s team to any of my friends who want to undertake this adventure!

A million thanks to all for all your assistance and support.

Thanks to you all we achieved our own personal goal as well as our fundraising goal- raising money in the fight against Cancer.

Warmest Regards Juliette Clarkin

Stanley Gunn (South Africa) – Successful summit on 13 January 2019 6 Day Marangu route – Superior package

My Kilimanjaro experience was excellent – from the initial booking process with Nikki through to the final farewell song!

My support team were all great guys very ably led by the ever funny Rodger. He was a top guide, constantly monitoring my progress and adapting the pace to ensure that I did not get AMS (I was constantly trying to walk faster and he was always slowing me down!)

Food was good although way too much! Could have easily been reduced by half!

The hike itself was great and I had no health or physical issues, thanks once again to Rodger!

Great job by all in Pretoria and Moshe!

Thanks and well done!

Stan Gunn

Ditte Krogh Olesen (Danish) – Successful summit 07 January 2019 Superior package – 7 day Rongai route

I climbed Kilimanjaro this January and had the most excellent time from start to finish: great service, professional guides,

friendly personnel, good food. I truly had the experience of a lifetime thanks to the high level of expertise of the company.

I would not want anything to have been done differently and cannot recommend ‘Climbing Kilimanjaro’ enough.

I only wish I could go again! Thank you so much for the experience!

Debbie le Roux (South Africa) – Successful summit on 6 January 2019 Superior package – 8 Day Lemosho route

Hi Nikki

I should have already sent you a thank you for an amazing trip, so my apologies.

For me personally it was a trip of a life time, and another tick on my bucket list. My husband and daughter also had a fabulous time, and for us as a family a time of bonding and making memories.

I think we were truly fortunate to have the team we did. John Matiko our head guide ran a tight ship, he was very professional and explained everything clearly as to what to expect the following day, and what was expected from us as to when to be ready etc He answered all questions and dealt with everything in a calm manner, we were very aware that he noticed everything and offered assistance when he saw it needed.

The team were very efficient, we couldn’t believe how they could pack up camp after we left, and still have everything ready for us including a hot meal when we arrived at the next camp. The food was tasty and sufficient, John explained the need to eat even when we weren’t hungry. They even sent porters back every day to meet us on the way, if any of us needed help with our day packs.

Whilst our summit day to base camp, night and following day walking down to spend our last night at a lower altitude was truly the most exhausting of all the days, I couldn’t have done it without the support of the guides. They are truly to be commended, as I believe the success of the reaching the summit is largely due to their professionalism.

When we returned home a friend gave me a book to read, written by an American diplomat who did the trip in 2010, after completing it I said to my husband that I’m glad we chose Climbing Kilimanjaro as a tour company, as it seemed everything that could have gone wrong went wrong on this man’s journey.

Having said that, I believe who you chose to accompany you on a trip like this is just as important. We were all positive and kept each other positive and laughing when we were exhausted or cold.

I’ve already sent your details onto friends and people who’ve showed an interest. Not having experienced any of the other routes I can’t say what would have happened if we’d chosen one of them, however after researching your website and deciding that I wanted the best possible advantage to summit, the 8 day Lemoshe route seemed to be the one, and was confirmed when all 5 of us managed to summit. I did experience the effects of altitude for the first time on the summit night, I’m not sure if it was a combination of exhaustion and tiredness, but fortunately it was mainly nausea and vomiting with no headache.

The porta loo is a must for anyone able to afford it, I felt extremely grateful that we’d included it. The public ablutions are appalling and it’s no wonder people suffer with gastro on the mountain.

Many thanks

Kind regards

Debbie le Roux

Julia Ryvkina (Ukraine) – Successful summit 01 January 2019 Superior package – 7 day Machame route

Dear Karel,

The trip was amazing, I still have dreams about the mountain every night. The staff was absolutely wonderful, I felt very safe with the guides.

Fred is the best, Emmanuel was very supportive and was always around when I needed any assistance, Michael was very pleasant and helpful.

Porters are my heroes. Nothing could be done without them. Singing and dancing deserves an award. I loved every second of the trip.

Thanks  Julia Ryvkina

Kim Durinick (USA) – Successful summit on 10 December 2018 Superior package – 8 Day Lemosho route

Hi Nikki

Thank you for checking in with us! I’m pleased to tell you that our trip was absolutely amazing from start to finish. From the start,  you were a great help to us.  Thank you for always promptly answering messages.  As we came from all over the world,  we were asking ourselves when/if you sleep.  Haha.  We felt that no matter when we messaged,  you had a quick,  clear and concise answer.  Nelson spoke very highly of you,  as well.  

As for the actual trip: 

We only got to spend a little time with the driver, Frank, but he was very fun and kind. He was very knowledgeable and taught us about culture and wildlife during the drive. 

The hotel accommodation exceeded our expectations.  Since we had a camping mind set,  we weren’t expecting much,  but we really appreciated the comfortable hotel before and after the trip.

As for the crew: I cannot say enough about the team who took us up the mountain. ♡♡♡♡♡♡

Our guides, Nelson♡ and Alex♡ were absolutely superb. They were such amazing leaders, and we were very happy to see how they cared for us, and also cared for their team. Of course safety is a concern for all travellers, but we felt very comfortable and safe with them.  Even when we showed signs of AMS, such as headache and vomiting,  they supported us and explained everything they were doing and why. They comforted us so we didn’t overreact to mild symptoms. Alex even wrapped my ankle each morning and basically carried me up the mountain so I could summit.  They were vital to our success and we felt soooo fortunate to have gotten them as our guides. ♡♡

Next, perhaps the biggest surprise for us, was the quality of the food.  Chef Dauson♡ went above and beyond to ensure the food was to our liking and made sure we wouldn’t lose our appetites. When we finished the hike,  he even taught us how to make some of our favourite dishes. That was a very unexpected but wonderful experience. I don’t know if it’s practical,  but I would even suggest maybe asking him if it would be an option to add to the regular tour because it was soooo fun for us and we think everyone should have the experience to make some of their favourite Tanzanian dishes so they can make them at home!!

Another unexpected treat was climbing with a porter who was summiting for the first time. You have a lovely new porter named Tumsifu♡ who came to the top with us.  It was his first time and was such a personal experience for us because he was not just a porter, by sharing our challenge he became part of our team.  We could share our joy with him which we felt was a unique experience. 

Finally, your porters/crew in general are just amazing. They put in so much effort to make sure we were comfortable, had fun and had the best experience. We felt soooo lucky to have that team.  I’m sure there are lots of great teams,  but even so, I think Nelson/Alex’s team is something special.  They were fun, caring, helpful, hardworking,  and kept us laughing the whole trip…They are ALL the best adjectives. We were actually sad summiting because it meant our trip with those guys was coming to an end. Even a week later,  I really miss them. Your company is wonderful as is, with Nelson and Alex as guides,  but we could also see the bright future of your guides,  especially Gilbert♡. He will be a fantastic guide one day,  and I hope I will have a chance to come back and try a different route with him as my guide.  

Since my trip,  most of the questions people have asked me are about the cost, safety and crew. Thanks to Nelson, Alex and their team, I am happy to recommend this company to anyone and based on my stories,  people say they are eager to go.  So I hope and think in the future,  you will meet many of my friends! Please take care of them just as you have me.  I thank you with all of my heart for allowing me to have such a memorable experience! 

Thank you for everything and I hope you have a wonderful holiday!  Kim