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11 people from 7 different countries conquered Kilimanjaro on New Year 's Day 01/01/2014 to become "The Dream Team". Great video covering their 7 day Machame Route climb with Experience their trek, emotions and success, as well as the service provided by Climbing Kilimanjaro. With this group Climbing reach a proud record of 13, 910 successful summit attempts by our clients, since 1994!

Climbing Kilimanjaro video clip from Bill Ball's Journeys in Africa (Series) was the preferred partner during the making of "Kilimanjaro - Roof of Africa", a 2 part episode in Bill Ball's "Journeys in Africa" television series. We are looking forward to see these aired on American TV!

Climbing Kilimanjaro - Professional guided tours to Kilimanjaro

Experienced staff with an exceptional success rate

For more than eighteen years, Climbing Kilimanjaro.Co.Za has taken climbers and hikers to Mount Kilimanjaro's summit, Africa's highest mountain situated in the Kilimanjaro National Park. Our team of professional guides boast a summit success rate of between 96 and 98 per cent.

More than 14 000 clients successfully taken to Mt Kilimanjaro's top

Climbing Kilimanjaro.Co.Za guides have successfully taken more than 12000 clients to the summit of Mt Kilimanjaro.

Our tour consultants also reached Mt Kilimanjaro's summit

Our tour consultants can provide you with in-depth knowledge of Mt Kilimanjaro, since they all made at least one successful trip up Africa's highest mountain.

Unique, tailor-made Mt Kilimanjaro trips

Our Mt Kilimanjaro trips are tailored around your needs and preferences. We build the tour around your hotel booking. We provide assistance and transfers to and from the airport to your hotel. We also offer a host of exciting travel extensions to game parks in the surrounding area, and trips to Zanzibar Island.

Group visual presentation to South African clients

We can arrange, on request, a presentation of the Kilimanjaro climb, which includes slides and the use of a 3D model of Mt. Kilimanjaro. This type of presentation assists a great deal in the visualisation alternative routes that can be used.

Our tour offerings

Consider the following:

  • We offer one of the most comprehensive guides on climbing Kilimanjaro to be found on the World Wide Web.
  • Our highly trained and registered guides make part of a team of support staff that looks after you on the way to the top.
  • Your safety is of utmost importance. There are two to three porters for every client, and one guide for each four clients, ensuring that you're in good hands.
  • The following is arranged for you (leaving you with nothing to do but enjoy the climb):
    • Booking
    • Park fees
    • Porters
    • Guides
    • Equipment and food
  • For the duration of the climb, we supply First Aid kits and portable oxygen to all clients.
  • All equipment can be rented from us, as opposed to unnecessarily purchasing equipment that may only be used once.
  • An optional Visa service is available, and a tailor-made medical insurance package. These are specifically designed for Kilimanjaro clients' needs.
  • We offer a specially made fitness program to prepare you for the climb up Mt Kilimanjaro, in order to increase your chance of success. We also provide a final climber's checklist, which is essential.

Preparing to climb Kilimanjaro

If you'd like some tips on preparing for the Kilimanjaro climb, follow this link: Preparing to climb Mt Kilimanjaro.


If we've convinced you of our expertise and experience, and you're ready to climb one of Africa's most beautiful treasures, give us a call at 012 333 7110, or send an email to info [at} climbingkilimanjaro [d0t] co {d0t} za (email cloaked for spam).

Uhuru, the highest point on Mt Kilimanjaro.

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