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Suggested Reading For Climbing Mt Kilimanjaro


Plenty of books are available on Kilimanjaro. Below is a list of them. These books should be available at any good book store or at online stores such as or

Why You Should Research And Read Before Booking Or Attempting This

Altitude sickness is a common problem for Kilimanjaro mountain climbers. Most recover quickly.

Unlucky few develop more severe symptoms, which indicate they have developed an intensified form of altitude illness. Mountain guides will advise these individuals to abandon the climb and descend. Altitude sickness is deadly, and you must put your health first.

In the next post, we will discuss altitude sickness in greater detail. For now, we’ll just mention how difficult it is to climb Kilimanjaro.

Kilimanjaro treks are high-altitude treks, meaning you will be in a rarified atmosphere where there is less oxygen available per breath than you would find at sea level.

We live at altitudes that are well below those of the Kilimanjaro routes. These start around 2,000m (6562ft) above the sea level. Our bodies aren’t accustomed to the lower oxygen intake during the climb.

As you are probably aware, the harder you work, the greater the need for oxygen. You need more oxygen when you are trekking up Kilimanjaro than you would normally, but you will have less on Kilimanjaro.