Tipping the Guides and Porters

Tipping guidelines for guides, porters and cook.

Tipping is a “compulsory tradition” on every Kilimanjaro hike. The guides, cooks and porters receive salaries, but they also rely on the tip as a supplement to make a living. Tips vary depending on the length of the hike, complexity of the hike, number of staff on the hike and the number of hikers on the hike.

Tips should not be dependent on whether your summit or not, but rather whether your guides and porters were professional and had your best interests in mind. If your guides and porters did not meet your expectations, please inform our operational team immediately and do not feel obligated to give a tip (or tip them a reduced amount). If you have been pressed for a tip during your trek, please inform our operational team as well, as this is against company policy.

When tipping you can use US $, Euro, TZ Shillings or a combination of these currencies to give the tip. It is also worth bearing in mind that items of clothing and footwear for children or adults, new or used, are also highly valued and may be given as well as money.

We recommend each hiker giving a tip of between US $ 250 to US $ 350 to the mountain crew at the end of the climb. The exact tipping amount depends on group size and how many days were spend on the mountain. We recommend giving the tip to the chief guide who will then distribute the tip fairly among the mountain crew.

The average recommended tip per group per day:

  • Chief guide – US $ 20 to $ 25 per chief guide per day from the group
  • Assistant Guide – US $ 15 to $ 20 per assistant guide per day from the group
  • Cook – US $ 10 to $ 15 per cook per day from the group
  • Porters – US $ 8 to $ 10 per porter per day from the group


Please note the tip should only be handed to chief guide once the hike is finished and you are ready to be transported back to the hotel. Do not pay tips on the mountain and do not pay for extra services while you are on the mountain. You are welcome to invite your guide for a celebratory drink or dinner after the hike, however you will be responsible for the cost.